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Miscanthus x giganteus

  • Miscanthus x giganteus grass is a really exciting plant. It is a product that is being used increasingly throughout the world as a purpose-grown bioenergy crop as well as multiple uses in farming as a feed and for shelter.
  • It has great properties. A sterile perennial (this means it doesn’t spread) with high annual production. It has the benefit of being effectively dry when harvested and its dense cellulosic stems are suitable for a range of high-value fibrous applications.
  • Global interest in Miscanthus as a boiler fuel to replace coal and as renewable diesel has grown tremendously. Renewable diesel isn’t in New Zealand at the moment but watch this space over the next 12 months – read more.
  • Use by growers depends on scale, and there are many possibilities, including windbreaks, bedding for calves and other stock, mulch, compost (with stock effluent added), along with small scale pellet production, to supply as feedstock to a local boiler plant.
  • We are seeing growing use of Miscanthus as stock bedding, it is excellent for horses, and has shown a reduction of mastitis in cows.
  • Miscanthus is also used as shelter, boosting pasture growth on centre pivot irrigated dairy farms. Current research by Miscanthus New Zealand Ltd and Lincoln University include Miscanthus enhancing ecosystem services on diary farms increasing bumble bee habitat, and boosting numbers of earthworms and skinks, while minimising nitrate leaching.
  • Further research into trichoderma which gives boosted growth and development of Miscanthus plus methods for enhanced rhizome production and establishment is also showcasing Miscanthus to be a sustainable bio-energy alternative.
  • Here in the nursery, we have partnered with Peter Brown, Miscanthus expert, to develop cost effective multiplication techniques, this includes collaboration with investigation of tissue culture. Over the past few years, together we have produced several hundred thousand plantlets for commercial scale planting - just a taste of what’s to come.
  • Contact Peter direct for all pricing and product queries or contact us to request a call.

“Without the knowledge, skills and business support provided by Guy Morgan of Seedling Systems right from the beginning, Miscanthus New Zealand Ltd would not have been able to develop and prosper in the way that it has done. Seedling Systems has proved to be always professional, with a positive attitude, and unending enthusiasm for what Miscanthus New Zealand has been working to achieve.”

Peter Brown, Miscanthus New Zealand Ltd

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