Our Services

We partner with you to Build Quality

Our core service is propagation of vegetable and cut flower seedling product for commercial growers, large and small. Our relationships with our growers is important to us. Everyone has unique requirements and we like that – we enjoy the challenge of getting it ‘just right' – helping our growers create the product they desire.


We can assist with crop planning, harvesting guides, selection of seeds and varieties to meet specific grower needs and market demand.

Our strong management team experience drives a diverse range of seeding technology methods from commercial machine to a range of hand sowing including our own special hen sowing™ method. Seed companies, partner with us to share their expertise, and spend a lot of time on site trialling new products too. As a team we work hard building quality with our growers.

Specialty Services

There's always a lot happening at Seedling Systems. The range of seedling product we produce for growers is extensive and often surprising. In fact there isn't much we haven't propagated, our flexibility and range of expertise allows us to meet a wide range of client needs. Check out the range of products we are currently busy propagating on site.

Together we can utilise a range of methodologies and will test ideas to meet your needs in product development.

Our job is to supply perfect seedlings to help our growers ensure perfect end-products and living goodness for consumers. To this end we work to be our growers' dependable partner by ensuring we give sensible solutions and solid advice to any sowing-transplanting requirements.