Chinese Greens

Asian Specialities

Chinese greens are finding an increasingly prominent place on green grocer and supermarket shelves, popular for their variety of uses and because they really are delightfully flavoursome, and highly nutritious

  • We currently propagate Asian specialty greens Shanghai bok choy, baby white pak choy, gai lan, choy sum and wong bok – just to name a few. Seasonal and all year product each vegetable has its own taste and texture.
  • We also do other vegetables such as fennel bulbs, muck chow Indian lettuce and the popular edible bitter melon and versatile snake beans.
  • Check out some recipes Allan Fong, The Fresh Grower and Ryan Fong, Ryan's Kitchen have pulled together for The Fresh Grower webpage. Seriously yum...and too easy!
  • If you have any varieties you would like sown we’d love to hear from you.

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