Ebb & Flow Tables

Partnering in Clean Technology

Recent trials show excellent results!! This is great news for our growers...

  • Late 2014 we began installation of new ebb and flow tables and just finished trialling the new system.
  • As our first effort in hydroponic technology, we were excited watching the new system show us what it can do.
  • We trialled with courgettes and tomatoes and are thrilled with the speed of growth and extensiveness of healthy root systems developing within just a few days.
  • This is down to the effectiveness of the horizontal fibre structure of the blocks. There is successful homogenous take-off of the seedling plants, quickly establishing hungry root systems for rapid seedling growth.
  • We are seeing very beneficial results that we can now pass on to our growers!
  • Read our story in our latest news post

“We very much enjoyed working with Seedling Systems and Guy on this project. It is always a pleasure to work in a situation where the client demands a high quality result and good equipment - and even better still to see them using what we have provided to its fullest extent to efficiently produce a high quality product for the end user.”

Stephen French, Chemtest Laboratories

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