Partnering in Flavour

Herbs & Specialty Edible Flowers

Our specialist seedling staff know how to propagate and manage herb seedlings, ensuring they have a good vigorous start at life.

  • Herbs have an amazing range of forms, perfumes, flavours and health benefits, making them one of the most rewarding plant groups to grow.
  • Curly or Italian parsley, dill, thyme, basil, chives, sage, marjoram, chervil, or rosemary... these are just some of the flavoursome culinary herb seedlings we currently propagate.
  • Working with our growers is always fascinating. Scarborough Fare produce a great range of herbs grown from transplants propagated by us. Mostly using hydroponic growing systems they produce 50 tonnes of premium grade fresh, culinary herbs annually. Their product is packed on site and distributed nationally, exclusively into the wholesale produce market.
  • Our staff enjoy visiting Jeanette and Pam at Scarborough Fare, it's always such a treat for the senses... beauty, fragrance and miles of graceful foliage.
  • But we don’t stop there, our staff also know about edible flowers too, yummy but almost too beautiful to chomp down on…how could you? Well the flavours of course… a delight.

  • We love working with Tamsin Wilson of The Secret Garden. Tamsin's plants are harvested for fine dining restaurants and culinary delight at home. Her attention to detail is exquisite and our seedlings need to be, naturally perfect.
  • Each season we work on germinating exciting and new varieties. For the summer we propagate delightful combinations such as cornflower, amaranthus, dianthus, viola, pansy and dandelion and for the winter there’s sweet violet, dianthus, viola, nigella, calendula, and flowering pak choi.
  • That’s just some of what we propagate and all are complemented with an edible landscape of garnish leaves such as orach mountain spinach, shungiku, erba stella and salad purslane.
  • But our favourite are propagating delightful flavour-rich zingy little red sparkler radishes for Tamsin. Gorgeous.
  • “We know we can trust the team at Seedling Systems to deliver the quantity and quality of premium product we want, and that it will be on time for our production requirements. The fine culinary herbs of Scarborough Fare demand a good start.”

    Jeanette Rea, Scarborough Fare

    “Perfection starts with sourcing the best seed and needs perfect handling from propagation to transplantation, Seedling Systems staff are great at this.”

    Tamsin Wilson, The Secret Garden

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