Partnering our Communities

Supporting those responsible for the beautification of our public gardens, our job is to supply bursts of colourful blooms each season

  • Combinations of primula, pansy, antirrhinum, dianthus, polyanthus and candytuft varieties for the winter
  • Begonia, marigolds, petunia, impatiens, ageratum blue danube and salvia for autumn
  • Adding a little stock, nemeisa, lobelia, viola, blue angel anchusa, antirrhinum and petunia for the spring and
  • Red hot cineraria celosia and coleus for the summer.
  • We certainly know our flowers – not only do we propagate flowers for parks and reserves - check out our services for commercial growers of Fresh Cut flowers.

And every season our team also get creative crafting living baskets for restaurants and events

  • Made to order living baskets are fab, fun to put together and a delight to watch as they bud and shoot into their living fullness.
  • Our work with living baskets started as an initiative by well-known Auckland landscape designer Xanthe White, for Soul Bar fine dining restaurant at the Viaduct, Auckland and some lovely work for Hospice.
  • Every season Xanthe and her team want new innovations presenting exciting living displays.
  • Just fresh out the door are baskets showcasing soft yellows with a white base of chrysanthemum, antirrhinum, tanacetum parthenium, marigold, petunia, pansy, alyssum and lobelia.
  • Other variations for hospice accentuated soft white and blues, lobelia varieties, stock , viola, petunia, nemesia and pansy.
  • Xanthe and her team keep our flower team on their toes from sowing to delivery.

"I’ve always had great experiences working with Seedling Systems. I’ve found them very reliable and willing to go the extra mile to get a great result for everyone involved.”

Xanthe White, Xanthe White Design

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