Partnering in Fresh Cut

Commercial Flowers

Fresh cut flowers provide living beauty into our everyday…as the saying goes ‘a little flower goes a long way’

  • Rose-like lisianthus, striking antirrhinums, distinctive bells of Ireland, and wonderfully fragrant stock, are stand-alone beauties and also the foundation for any complete bouquet. These are just some of the flowers we propagate for growers.
  • Our professional team of flower propagators through the process of seed stratification copy nature’s rules for breaking seed dormancy in order to promote germination. Some flower seeds require a warm and moist treatment, while others require a cool and dry treatment. Even still, other seeds require light while germinating.
  • Complicated, not for our team, they have the critical hands on knowledge. You can depend on our team to deliver for you.

“Guy Morgan has been propagating our commercial flower seedling requirements for over 20 years – reliable, consistent, top quality and on time.”

Steve Airey, Canda Farms

“I always receive very good flower seedlings from Guy Morgan, stock and celosia, we are very happy. Thank you.”

James Yang, Biohof

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