Kiwifruit & Fruit Trees

Partnering in Perfection

Our kiwifruit growers are always looking to improve stock and enhance crop varieties

  • Our job is to propagate KPCS kiwifruit vines from seed, predominantly root stocks.
  • Seed is separated from pulp, then refrigerated to stratify, so that they will germinate uniformly.
  • When ready they are transplanted to 19cm pots, and allowed to grow for one whole season in our nursery, then when they are 1-1.5 metres high they are ready for grafting to the desired variety or to be planted out in the kiwifruit vineyard.
  • For Southern Orchards Limited we supply these potted plants all year round. They are currently growing kiwifruit on more than 200 hectares and are expanding through new 'green fields' plantings. Our job is to supply healthy stock.
  • Our KPCS ‘Full Certification’ nursery ticks all the boxes and is producing healthy high quality plants with great roots. We can move product between regions and we grow to demand whether it is autumn, winter or spring season planting our growers require.
  • Read about our certification process.
  • Let us know your propagation requirements.

We also propagate fruit trees, berry fruits and vines for nurseries to meet demand

  • Feijoa trees (pineapple guava), tamarillo (tree tomato), cape gooseberries (physalis peruviana) and passionfruit vines are always popular.
  • If you have any varieties you would like sown we’d love to hear from you.

“Be it replacement plants on our existing kiwifruit orchards or else for our 'greenfields' plantings we have found Seedlings Systems to be a reliable supplier of KPCS certified quality potted plants that allow us to carry out planting at any time of the year.”

Craig Lemon, Managing Director, Southern Orchards Limited

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