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Potatoes, Kumara and Onions

Producing quality seed potato propagules for growers is something we have been doing for quite some time now

  • Our team have knowledge of different propagation techniques using both tissue culture and mini tubers and our facility offers full quarantine capability.
  • Our job is to work with our growers, helping them to make sure their choice of potato type are propagated to meet the seasonal and geographic growing areas of choice. It’s all about achieving the best possible quality.
  • We do trials, as well as small or large scale propagation.

We also supply kumara runners in bundles… and onion seedlings...did we mention leeks

  • Currently there are three main varieties of kumara we work with - red, orange and gold - and are a popular alternative to potatoes.
  • The process is a little different from potatoes, they are raised from tissue culture, watered and feed to promote runners.
  • Once the runners are a good size (upwards of 30cm), we detach them from the mother plant and keep them temporarily in water until our growers are ready to plant out.
  • The runners eventually grow tubers from the nodes on them, the more nodes the better.
  • Delta Produce demand excellent runners from us, as the preferred supplier to foodstuffs nationally, quality and supply is paramount. Delta Produce are a kumara co-operative of 20 growers, producing about 1200 acres of kumara, they supply approximately 45% of the total NZ kumara market. Every year they give us the job of growing out the virus free plant material they have developed to improve their seed stock.
  • When it comes to onions and leeks, beside propagation for growers, we work with seed companies who are engaged in plant establishment for breeding trials. Onions are the most widely used flavouring vegetable in the world and our nursery is often busy with new lines of seed for future production.

“Seedling Systems have been growing kumara plant material on for us over the past 6 years and I must say they are doing a superb job. Our growers are extremely happy with the quality and healthiness of the plants that are presented to us along with the service. Guy and his team are a joy to deal with, nothing is too much trouble, and they communicate well and deliver on time and in great condition."

Locky Wilson, General Manager, Delta Produce Co-Op Ltd

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