Tomato, Cucurbits

And Everything Else

Partnering in abundant choices for our kitchens

  • Tomatoes and cucurbits and the full range of gourmet products. All need technical knowledge to support good choices for the growing season.
  • Season to season, our job is to ensure the supply of the seedling product, with options for growing techniques - ebb and flow tables or traditional cell transplants: Whether it's indoor 45 to 60 cm stakes, flowering or outdoor 28, 60, 144 cell trays or peat pots.
  • Tomatoes come in about every colour, purple, orange, yellow, striped and mottled, and yes - red! Making essential choices to establish your place in a demanding marketplace comes down to preferences for shape, size, and use, disease resistance, climatic growing conditions, and working through the differences between determinate / indeterminate, heirloom / hybrid varieties for choice.
  • Cucurbits, whether cucumber, zucchini, melon, watermelon, pumpkin, squash, gourd, luffa, bitter melon, or eggplant, are one plant group with a lot of species, and although the various mostly climbing or trailing plants generally need a good amount of space to sprawl and twine, we now often see vines effectively trained to vertical structures to save space. Also there are now dwarf and bush types of cucurbits that are well suited to small spaces.
  • Our staff work a wide range of Asian and international gourmet products. New Zealand’s expanding menu and cuisine options now make propagating chillies, kohlrabi, snake beans, asparagus, artichokes and other greens everyday events.
  • Is there anything we can’t or don’t propagate? Humm…innovation, challenge and something new, just ask us

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